Continuing Medical Education (CME)programmes conducted at any RCC can be broadcasted to all
the other RCCs and peripheral hospitals in the network.Depending on the bandwidth available at the central hub, few centres will be connected in interactive mode whereas the program will be broadcasted to other centre in view and listen mode.

Video-conferencing system: Interaction between the doctor to doctor and doctor to patient is made available with the help of state of the art video conferencing systems  more
Telemedicine infrastructures:Each specialty centre (RCC) includes Telemedicine equipments, PCs, VC System, UPS and network connectivity and OncoNET Suit. more
Web based Telemedicine Software:  OncoNET Telemedicine Software is a web based telemedicine software, developed by NIC using free open source software (FOSS) tools and conforming to Healthcare Standards, for managing telemedicine services in RCCs and PCCs; and made available as Software As A Services (SaaS) by NIC on behalf of MoH& FW, Government of India.
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