Video-conferencing system





Interaction between the patient and doctor can be provided with the help of video conferencing systems.


Tele-education: Continuing Medical Education (CME) programmes over Video Conferencing System between RCC to RCC and RCC to PCCs could be delivered and broadcasted. more
Telemedicine infrastructures: Each specialty centre (RCC) includes Telemedicine equipments, PCs, VC System, UPS and network connectivity and OncoNET Suit. more
Web based Telemedicine Software: OncoNET Telemedicine Software is a web based telemedicine software, developed by NIC using free open source software (FOSS) tools and conforming to Healthcare Standards, for managing telemedicine services in RCCs and PCCs; and made available as Software As A Services (SaaS) by NIC on behalf of MoH& FW, Government of India.
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